Motorisierter Lego Formula Off Roader (42037)

Ich habe mein Geburtstagsgeschenk, den Lego Technic 42037 Formula Off Roader,
motorisiert, ein Lego Set mit sehr coolem Design.
Leider musste ich den V-4 Motor ausbauen, um den M Motor im Gefährt unterzubringen.
Die Lenkung wird von einem Servomotor betrieben.

2 thoughts on “Motorisierter Lego Formula Off Roader (42037)

    • No, i don’t have a building instruction, but it is very easy to put the motors into the model. I buyed a remote, a receiver, a Battery Box, a servo and a M-Motor for it. First put the Servo motor into the model, near to the ground. Then you have to dismount the pistons of the V-4 engine and put a M-Motor on the place of the engine. For both you will have to take extra parts or dismount pieces of the model. Finally put the Battery Box on the backside and the receiver on the top of it. Unfortunately I don’t know what you exactly have to do because I made the model in February…

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